Travel Safety for Android



Teach your kids the basics of safety


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Mama Panda wants you to do some shopping with her and to do so, you'll have to go out and obey all the signs you see along the way so you don't get hurt. Travel Safety is an app designed to help parents teach their kids how to react to the dangers they might come across on the street in their daily lives, all from a fun and enjoyable interface.

The game begins with a shopping list. Once you leave the house, you have to go to different stores to get all the items, taking care to follow all the signs. If you want to cross the street, for example, you have to wait until the light turns red. If not, a car could run you over. Be careful where you step, too, or you might run into a lamppost or fall down a manhole.

This adventure will help your children understand that every time you cross a road, you should hold hands and always wait for the light to turn green for pedestrians. They'll also learn that when they go out, they should stay close to their parents, especially in crowded places where it's easy to get lost.

With Travel Safety, it's much easier to explain safety to your children. They will love this colorful and fun app that makes everything seem like an adventure. Let them learn on their own if they prefer to play alone, or play with them and explain as you go. The app also includes various mini games that teach additional things in a fun way.