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Get your hands on the official POCOPHONE F1 launcher


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POCO Launcher is a launcher that transforms your smartphone into something like the POCOPHONE F1, the new smartphone from Xiaomi. It's an excellent launcher designed around organization and elegance.

One of the best aspects of POCO Launcher is the amazing organization it applies to your Android smartphone. Your apps are organized by category in an apps box, so you can find them super easily. You can also organize them by icon color, which makes it incredibly easy to find what you need.

This launcher has all the same characteristics as the latest versions of Android, like icons with app shortcuts and a rounded search bar. You can further customize your launcher with customized icons to give your smartphone a different look, too.

Thanks to its versatility and how smoothly it runs, POCO Launcher is an ideal launcher for all kinds of smartphones. It's a fluid launcher that will make your smartphone not only look neat and tidy but also appealing to the eye.
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