Live or Die: Survival


Survive inside a world that's fraught with zombies


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Live or Die: Survival is a third person RPG that challenges you to control one of the few survivors of a zombie apocalypse. Your character will start the game basically in the nude in the middle of the forest. Luckily, there's a mysterious benefactor who'll help you from the beginning.

One of the most important aspects in Live or Die: Survival is that, just like in other similar games, you have to collect and create tools. You can collect wood, hemp, stone and a bunch of other raw materials that you can use to build anything from walls and floors in your house to a work desk or a bonfire. You can also make hammers, spikes, spears, axes and much more.

You can build your own house and base of operations in the area of the map where you start your round. Then again, you can also play in many other areas of the world where you'll find subterranean bunkers that are full of resources and treasures.

Live or Die: Survival is a super entertaining RPG that's clearly inspired in the amazing Last Day on Earth. The game includes dozens of locations and objects, a super entertaining and complete crafting system, and great visuals. We're talking about a game that stands out, although it doesn't offer anything too revolutionary.
By Beatriz

Android 4.1 or greater is required.