Merge City


Build the most spectacular city in the easiest way


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Merge City is a sort of strategy 'idle clicker' where you can build a city full of skyscrapers by just tapping and swiping the screen. You objective is to build the biggest and tallest city imaginable. The sky's the limit!

The gameplay in Merge City is simple: every few seconds, you get a new house (although you can tap the screen quickly to receive them faster). When you combine two houses, you'll build a new building. So if you combine two small houses, you'll get a slightly bigger one. This continues until you eventually can build skyscrapers.

Unlike other similar games, in Merge City, you can move your buildings freely around the board. In other words, you'll never get stuck or lose the game. You'll always have the possibility to move your buildings to the squares you want. Plus, as you level up, you can increase the size of your board.

Merge City is a fun casual game that lets you build a nice city full of spectacular buildings and skyscrapers.

Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher