Little Fireman

Become a hero by putting out dangerous fires


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Little Fireman is a fun game created by educational app developers Babybus to make your kids feel like proper heroes by putting out fires around the city and the forest, rescuing helpless rabbits who can't escape the danger alone. Let them drive a fire truck or a helicopter, and enjoy hours of fun with them and this fun app.

In Little Fireman your kids have to wait in the fire station for an emergency call. Once someone needs help, you have to choose which vehicle is the appropriate one to put out the fire. When you get to the location the first thing that you have to do is rescue all the living creatures using different items: mattresses, for instance, so they can jump from great heights, or ladders for the more accessible areas.

When there's no one left, you have to aim carefully and extinguish the flames according to the vehicle you're using. If you're on the fire truck you have to connect the hose to a street water supply and point toward the fire wherever it is; if you're using a helicopter you have to place yourself above the fire and drop the huge water bags that can quickly solve the emergency.

Once you get rid of the last traces of danger, you'll be rewarded with applause and cheers from all the neighbors. Thanks to Little Fireman your kids can familiarize themselves with security items such as fire extinguishers, hoses, ladders, fire suits, and other tools. Little ones are sure to spend hours in front of the screen learning how to put out a fire.

New language available: Spanish