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Photos is the official photo gallery app from Google, a replacement for the classic gallery app which has not had support since Jelly Bean. Unlike the original version, this new version (which has already been released) doesn't work exclusively in conjunction with Google Plus.

You don't have to use Google Plus to use Photos, but you can if you want. With Photos, you can store an unlimited amount of photos on the cloud (although you can only upload 16 MP or 1080p for videos) and manage all your images locally. By default, the app separates your photos in folders, but you can reorder them manually if you want.

One of the biggest changes in this version of the app is its interface. Not only is it now more beautiful, but it's also much easier to use. For example, you can enlarge or shrink the photo preview by just pinching the screen.

Photos is a considerable improvement over the previous photos app from Google. It has a lot of interesting and useful tools for you to use when working with your pictures.
By Raúl Rosso
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Requires Android 4.0 or higher

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